Saturday, March 11, 2006

Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen
Fleminginkatu 28 Helsinki

The place is located in the lovely area of Kallio (not that far from Helsinginkatu and all the cheap bars). The place looks nice from outside, where we can see some portraits of "soul stars".
One of the surprises: at the entrance, you have to leave your jacket...and pay when you will leave.
There isn't the menu in English avaible but each and every meal have the English name. The tables look nice but it seems that they haven't finished the deco and you can't hear the music everywhere in the restaurant, a shame because they play the soul music classics.

The first advice, if you want to try this adventure...;don't try the beer, at least not from the tap! It's tasteless and without any bubbles inside! Even Hoogarden tastes a bit strange.
For the meal i took "Soul Burger, Beef and Bacon". The result was not that special, tasteless again and except the meet, the whole burger is cold. French fries were ok but there wasn't pepper and salt on the table...

About the service: absolutelly not the best ever! Waitress gave the plates over the table, made the strange face, when you told that the beer is tasteless. She didn't pay the attention, when we were waiting for the bill (14,50€ for burger and beer)

So try this place if you really feel it, but if your soul tells you that you need a good meal don't stop. The service is bad, the food not that special and the beer terrible.

I would give 1,5 points of 5, even though the porter made stupid jokes. To pay 1,5€ for your jacket in this kind of place is maybe too much.

There are so many other places to find a good burger in Kallio!!

Bon appétit!


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Alcuin Bramerton said...

You should have ordered a burger and beer without burger or beer.