Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yoli - Frozen Yogurt

If you are visiting Berlin, do not miss this: Yoli, Frozen Yogurt. This heavenly good innovation is for all of us, who love milk products like ice-cream and yogurt. Frozen yogurt is healthy and tasty option for ice-cream. 

There have been only natural flavoured yogurt earlier, but during my last Berlin trip I noticed that you could choose also caramel or blueberry flavoured yogurts. I sticked anyway in the natural flavour. The best thing are the fillings: there are dozens of choices you can add on the top of your yogurt. My favourites are the simple: blueberries and strawberries (as in the picture) or some other berries with pistachio sauce. There are also three different sizes of yogurt, for me the basic size is enough.

There are three stores in the different locations in Berlin. Enjoy! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Monsieur Vuong

"Oh, my grandfather!" That's what one of us said, when he saw a picture of Monsieur Vuong. This Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin is famous for its dishes. Every time one of us has visited Berlin one has also visited Mr Vuong.

Berlin has many ethnic restaurants, also many Vietnamese, but I've heard from many people that Monsieur Vuong is the best in the city. The food is made in the front of you and it's tasty. My favourite is noodle salad with tofu. I'm not sure, which spicy it is, but it gives nice, perky taste for the food.

Service in the restaurant is pretty fast and smily. There have always been lots of customers, it doesn't matter what time of the day it is. If you happen to be looking for a restaurant in the centre of Berlin on Sunday, you can walk straight to Monsieur Vuong. It is one of the only ones to be open at that day.

If you find yourself queueing into the restaurant, remember to order also one of their fresh fruit shakes.

Sunday, September 04, 2011


Going to Kalevankatu in Helsinki? Perhaps you were heading for a beer...well the area has more than barley to offer. The tiny Sis. Deli+Cafe offers a decent breakfast/brunch option right there.

The place is small just next to the Isku store, and actually when the SisDeli+ Cafe is full you have the possibility to enjoy your coffee or brunch in the part of the store right next to the café, a good option if you fancy nordic design furniture.

The menu is quite simple but good. Nice selection of bread, delicious humus and pesto, fresh organic veges, some good looking ham (but have to admit that no one tried it), mozarella, sun dried tomatoes...and also to not disappoint the Finnish tradition, porridge. And I have to admit that I like porridge, but it is usually not among my favorite. Sis. Deli+Cafe porridge is actually kind of unique, with pieces of coconut and banana mixed inside. Honestly this bring some freshness to an old family recipe with a nice kick.

And one of the very big plus for the the place compare to the other brunch options in the city: The coffee of your choice is included for the same price. Not the basic Finnish coffee, sometimes too light, sometimes which stays too long on the stove, but a real and quite good espresso or capuccino or latte (well real Italian will probably have a word to say here). The weekend brunch includes also a smoothie, this time it happened to be one with goji berries, blueberries and coconuts.

The staff is quite friendly, efficient and the place tend to get easily crowded from 11.00.

So as a conclusion, the place might look tiny and not the most attractive at first, it offers a very good option for brunch right in the city centre. Although you can buy organic product from the café, same stuff can be found for few euros less only few minutes away from there in Kamppi (shop is called Ruohonjuuri).