Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yoli - Frozen Yogurt

If you are visiting Berlin, do not miss this: Yoli, Frozen Yogurt. This heavenly good innovation is for all of us, who love milk products like ice-cream and yogurt. Frozen yogurt is healthy and tasty option for ice-cream. 

There have been only natural flavoured yogurt earlier, but during my last Berlin trip I noticed that you could choose also caramel or blueberry flavoured yogurts. I sticked anyway in the natural flavour. The best thing are the fillings: there are dozens of choices you can add on the top of your yogurt. My favourites are the simple: blueberries and strawberries (as in the picture) or some other berries with pistachio sauce. There are also three different sizes of yogurt, for me the basic size is enough.

There are three stores in the different locations in Berlin. Enjoy! 

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