Sunday, August 29, 2010


 At least one thing danish cooks know how to do, and they do it so well: Pastries!!!
Somehow pretty close to those you can find in Sweden or Finland or even in Germany or France, Danish pastries are very delightful.
Cinamon, jam, chocolate...all are tasty, not too sweet and with this perfect crusty feeling (and sound when you bite them). 
If you are leaving Denmark and feel you need a small somehting to feel your stomach and feel happy, go for it! (and skip the pølser;)


Well well well...what can I say? Danish cuisine is definitly not my favorite, and I already don't like sausage that much so this was a challenge. But When you are there you have to try what is the local specialty so here I was: A sausage in a piece of bread with some mustard (i wasn't brave enough to also take the ketchup, but I still believe that the guy who invented ketchup should finish his days in jail!).
Anyway it was not that bad. Actually from all the street sausage I tried it definitly beat the Finnish Makkara and the Berlin DDR sausage from the kiosk!
But it is still far from a maroccan merguez or an Andouillette from Normandy.

Verdict: try it if you haven't, don't feel forced to take a second one if you already had one;)

Macaron glacé

Macaron, that sweet little piece of French cuisine. The piece, which is nowadays maybe the most known French pastry after croissant and pain au chocolat. There are all the possible flavours you can imagine to add in a sweet biscuit. Couple of times we have had some macaron tasting with our friends and I can say that after four macarons you kind of feel only the sweetness and a funny feeling in your stomach. 

Anyway, now we're not talking about the original macaron, but a new invention: ice cream macaron! Sounds good, but does it taste good? The idea is that there's macaron biscuit around and some icy filling in the middle. I tried a macaron glacé apricot. I don't know, if it was the flavour or the texture, which wasn't smooth. There was something wrong - it wasn't a macaron!  

I love macarons as they've originally born - I can happily leave these test versions for others. Macaron glacé is not my cup of tea. Merci, mais non merci.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Moeders, Amsterdam

Very tasty and basic Dutch home made food. Portions are huge, so be ready. We tried some Dutch sausages, vegetable stew and of course the desserts. The restaurants lovely detail is all the pictures of the mothers one can bring with and leave there. Lovely.

Tamarin, tuk-tuk

One of our favourite Thai food restaurants Tamarin (chain nowadays) has started home delivery!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wagamama, Copenhagen

Chain food from Asia. Lovely, easy and tasty Wagamama. Unfortunately the closest restauranta happens to be in Copenhagen. Rame are good, easy, tasty and filling your lunch hunger. We do recommend.