Sunday, August 29, 2010

Macaron glacé

Macaron, that sweet little piece of French cuisine. The piece, which is nowadays maybe the most known French pastry after croissant and pain au chocolat. There are all the possible flavours you can imagine to add in a sweet biscuit. Couple of times we have had some macaron tasting with our friends and I can say that after four macarons you kind of feel only the sweetness and a funny feeling in your stomach. 

Anyway, now we're not talking about the original macaron, but a new invention: ice cream macaron! Sounds good, but does it taste good? The idea is that there's macaron biscuit around and some icy filling in the middle. I tried a macaron glacé apricot. I don't know, if it was the flavour or the texture, which wasn't smooth. There was something wrong - it wasn't a macaron!  

I love macarons as they've originally born - I can happily leave these test versions for others. Macaron glacé is not my cup of tea. Merci, mais non merci.

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