Thursday, July 20, 2006

ZenSushis, Kamp market mall

Probably the best sushis in Helsinki. nice place even if it's only inside without any window, and the toilets are not in the restaurant but in the Kamp centre, but that's ok)

we had for 44€ for meal and beers for 2
a sortiments of 24 sushis, all more delicious than the others, and Japanese beers (well here maybe a bit expansive...but don't worry they also think about the Lapin Kulta lovers).
Really all sushis are delicious, again, and served in a big bowl for 2 pers. The Wasabi really taste and remember me that I'm not used anymore about Dijon's mustard!
the service was good nice waitress, menu available in English.

I may recommand this place for lunch more than for dinner, the prices are then more interesting, but the place may be crowded.

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