Tuesday, November 09, 2010

2h+k, Tampere

2h+k in Tampere is an interesting restaurant. It's good, it could be very good, but there few minor (but extremely important) things, which could be done better. 

First of all let's talk about the place. Nice and cosy, it kind of feel like in a 2 rooms +kitchen appartment (except that we would love to be able to fit that many people in our flat); Anyway good points for the general atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and concerned about your confort (maybe a bit too much...).

The card itself is simple but with some very tempting choices. Here was our table choice:

Entrée: Escargots à l'ail
Well well well, our 3 pairs of eyes were first excited about the dishe. Excitement was short time feeling. First of of the snails were served (and most probably cooked) without the shell resulting a very mild taste of garlic. Then the plate was covered by a cheesy crust, not bad at all but a bit surprising. anyway that was a good way to start the diner.

Plats de resistance:
_Chanterelles Risotto
_Roquefort Pasta
_Shrimp lobster tagliatelles

Here things started to be a bit funky. First of all, there has been hardly 3 minutes from the time our starter plate disappeared until the meal were served...a bit too fast for the full enjoyment of the meal and maybe also a bit too fast for fresh cooking...unless the meal are prepared way ahead and simply warmed up...
Anyway risotto was quite good! Not the best ever but definitly on the top of the basket. 

Roquefort Pasta were tasty even if it felt a bit like home made food; but home made food can be so good! The problem started realy with the shrimp&lobster tagliatelles. The Tagliatelles happened to be...fusillis and thus without any explanation from the kitchen. The meal was good but, something was missing.

After all this we still had a small hunger, and also some wine to finish so we went for a 3 cheeses plate. The selection of cheeses is short but interesting. The only thing is that it is served to you without any explanation from the waiter which cheese is what!? So read carefully your cheese encyclopedia before you book a table;)

But the most shocking thing was probably the absence of bread with the cheese, which was served with...crackers! Come on, do we look like Wallace and Gromit?! Only Brits can eat cheese with crackers, civilized people eat cheese with a good slice of bread!

As a conclusion, and despite few bad points, 2h+k is a very good value, probably one restaurant I would recommand in Tampere.


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