Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Looking for a great place for lunch on Turku's riverside? Well then Tintå might be a good option.
This self proclaimed wine bar is actually a very good option for kind of tapas food (and probably also pizzas, which look amazing, but we will have to go back to Turku to talk about it).

The restaurant itself is descent size and the table plan manage to be in a same time not too packed and not too empty, which makes it feel good. Surrounded by some small nice details: old wooden made bottle racks on the wall as selfs, giant black board with the menu. I also need to mention an remarkable view on the Aura river, as well as their terrace. Tintå is a very popular place, for which you need to book a week or even two ahead, if you wish to have a table for a Saturday evening. 

How about the food. We did it simple with grilled prawns and the special Tintå bread on one side, and Lamb kofta on the other. I can already say that both were tasty. The Grilled prawns were not too dry and the marinade was excellent. The Lamb on its side was terrific and the green sauce served with it was definitely one of the best surprise of the dish. 

Tintå has a large wine menu. Lots of their wine seems to come from South America, which in our quest of ethical menu is not appreciate very high. Even if tasting wine from Bolivia was exciting, we went for an European option with a glass of French rosé.

After our nice plate, the waitress managed to convinced us to order of the dessert: Blueberry pie tiramisu.
Behind this mysterious name you'll find not really a pie, not really a tiramisu, but a very interesting mix of blueberries, walnuts and mascarpone served in a pretty small glass pot, like a mini "Parfait". The taste was surprising at first and the combination blueberry + walnut is simply brilliant.

As a conclusion I say that Tintå is an affordable place with a nice personality, atmosphere and of course the great menu. Perhaps dinner might feel a bit like a hassle, if booking is required in advance, but it is probably worth it.

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