Thursday, August 04, 2011

Solar Kitchen

Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen by Antto Melasniemi
Kalasatama, Helsinki 4.-14.8.2011

When it's sunny, you might be lucky to get a bit different kind of lunch. Lunch, which has been cooked (only) with solar energy. That sounds perfect, doesn't it. Antto Melasniemi is known for his pop up restaurant Hel! Yes! in London and in Helsinki. This time he's cooking with solar energy in Kalasatama, Helsinki. Every time lunch menu is a surprise for the customers. This time it was vegetarian, which is fine for me. The place is amazing empty harbor area with some construction and Helsinki just there, around you. Everywhere.

It is just pure love. The sun, good food, friends and this amazing place out door. It amazing that this tasty food has been made with those funny space ships. I loved the relaxed atmosphere.

Starter: wild herbs, mushrooms, cauliflowers and radish.
Main course: tomato-potato-saffron stew.

Antto Melasniemi - The Top Chef. 

Dessert: chocolate cake with caramel sauce and blueberries. 

If you have a possibility to go there, don't be late. You will miss it. 

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