Wednesday, November 23, 2011

American Diner

You know that sometimes it's very refreshing to have a hamburger meal. I am not thinking of any McDonald nor Hesburger meals, but a real restaurant hamburger with homemade chips. I was visiting my sister sometime ago in Tampere. There is a restaurant, where we end up, when we're graving for junk food. This place is American Diner. Its decoration seems to be pretty authentic American diner, at least it feels authentic for me, who's never been in U.S.

And the food. I had a spicy vegetarian cheese burger with chips and my sister got a meat hamburger with bacon and garlic. She loved her burger (it did the work) and mine vegetarian version was fine as well. Maybe the totally white wheat bread is a bit too white for my taste and I found the chips better than the burger itself.

This time we didn't have any desert there, because we had planned to taste some real ice-cream made by a local ice-cream factory. But if you have space in your tummy, try their tasty milkshakes or pancakes. Yummy!

American Diner

(unfortunatelly we were so happy to eat that we forgot to take any pictures).

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