Friday, April 27, 2012


German concept Vapiano brought in Finland or how to tune up a bit the concept of self service.

One of the most strategic position in town, and most likely the one which suits this place the best, on the railway station square. Well let's be honest you won't get the best atmosphere or the most amazing Italian food in town, but the prices are decent and rate price/quality is perfectly fine. 

If you go for Pastas, the nice thing is that the chef is cooking right on front of you (may give some tips for some home cooking). If you go for Pizza then you will enjoy the piece of technology which will ring once your meal ready. Then you will become the waiter and go and pick yourself your plate.
It's taste really fine otherwise and the small plus of the place is the self-service fresh basilica on every table, a good idea.

So all together if you are in the centre and want a decent and fast meal for less than 10€, green light!
Otherwise if you can walk 5 minutes further and are really graving for Italian food (and far better wine selection) I recommend you to head only few blocks away, there.

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