Thursday, May 03, 2012

Café Cardemumma

It was a Saturday or a Sunday morning, when we were thinking to get some early breakfast. Just a cup of coffee and croissant would have been enough, but unfortunately it's not easy to find such a thing like that on the weekend before ten o'clock. We ended up walking up and down in Kallio and Hakaniemi and finally we found our saviour: Café Cardemumma. Of course it was already ten by the time we found what we wanted. 

You can find this cafe is on Kaarlenkatu, almost at the crossroad of Helsinginkatu. They serve the breakfast (and brunch) starting in the weekend morning already at ten. Though the lovely workers/ owners told us that they come to the cafe already at last at seven in the morning to bake, so if one is very, very hungry and craving for a cup of coffee, it might be possible to have something even then. 

Anyway, our a cup of coffee + croissant changed quickly to the brunch. A plate with meat (13,50 euros) and a plate without meat (10,50 euros). There are also a bit some nicely done rice porridge, smoothies, fruit salad and croissants. You will fill up yourself easily with these and you won't be hungry at the lunch time. 

We also recommend their lunch salads (one of the best in the town) and their home made pies and pastries. 

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