Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Veselka, New York

East Village, and its small Ukrainian corner. Usually Ukrainian restaurants offers a simple for tasty and reliable food experience, so what about Veselka?

The place is in the 9 East st and is famous for being open 24/7 365 days a year. The place looks good, the staff is very friendly and as it was just across the street from our home base, it became our first breakfast place in New York City.

Order of the day was:
1 Fried Egg sandwich with bacon
2 blueberry pancakes with maple sirup

Our bacon expert was pleased with his sandwich.
The pancakes were good but massive, one of us just couldn't finish it.

I am usually a pancake lover, I like French crêpes, 'european' pancakes, Finnish oven pancakes, Blinis, but I have to admit that american pancakes are maybe a bit too fluffy for my taste (like most of their wheat stuff which makes your eyes think you will eat enough for four days and your stomach realize that you just ate inflated food).

Anyway we definitely approved this place, if you are looking for good and affordable food in East Village at any time, this might be your place!

We also had another Veselka experience: The Thanksgiving dinner! It was exactly that and our team was satisfied and stuffed.

Veselka, since 1954.


Martina said...

Heippa! Tulin heti kurkkimaan miltä bloginne näyttää. Vaikka olen edelleen ihan ähky eilisistä lihapullista, tuli minulle nälkä postauksia selaillessani. Niin ja se matkakuumekin alkoi taas vaivata..

Kiitos vielä seurasta eilen illalla! Oli kiva rupatella. :)

Mlle Unikko said...

Hei Martina,
Oli todella kiva tavata ja rupatella eilen. :) Ja hauskaa, kun kävit kurkkimassa meidän piskuista blogiamme. Ihanaa ja maukasta joulun odottelua!