Saturday, March 09, 2013

Bar Socis

Now continues the story of the new Restaurant + Bar of the Hotel Seurahuone - and this will be the happy part!

Just next to the restaurant, after you pass the Hotel reception is the Bar Socis.
The bar is set in a nice coupole which makes again the place looking like from the 'Belle Epoque'.
It looks extremly interesting, and at least on the day we were there the interesting thing was that customers were hotle people, but also some regular younger and older people and some tourist. A large mix which make the place interesting actually.

The music is also French here, but contrary to the Brasserie part, the tracklist is much more interesitng, palying some oldies from the 30's, 40's and 50's (imagine Arlety or Mistinguett are played there) or even some 80's French classics (Alain Chamfort 'Manureva') to the latest big French hit M.

The service now was night and day if you compare to the Brasserie. The waitress working there on the opening night was friendly, enthusiast, and simply very professional (even though she was still a student). Simply the total opposite of the restaurant experience. The bar tender is also an interesting character, it almost made me think of the bartender in 'The Shinning'.

Only bad thing of course the prices of the cocktail. A Gin Tonic will cost you 11€ there. But honestly Bar Socis could become one of the best hotel bar in Helsinki.

So as a conclusion, maybe skip the Brasserie Le Havre, or give it a chance hoping the chef and the waitresses were on a bad day for the opening. Please, go and check the Bar Socis, with some tiny tunes up and some more crowd there, it has the potential to become a great place to grab a drink or two in Helsinki.

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