Monday, December 21, 2009

Örtgården// lunch

Looking for a tasty and affordable lunch place in the heart of Stockholm? If possible in a place which looks very nice and where they serve buffet? This is the place!

Simple ideas make great food, and Örtgården is giving you the choice between dozen of oriental and swedish cold starters/salad buffet.
The warm buffet gives you the opportunity to fill your plate with dozen of other courses such as cabbage rolls, gratin d'aubergines, baked mushrooms, potatoes and cheese casserole...
Originally a vegetarian restaurant, Örtgården also offer a selection of meet and fish dishes during the weekend, all very tasty and pretty well cook for a buffet place. On some days soup is also available.
And after all theses delighting meals, coffee, tea, cake and ice creams are on self service.

One of the plus of the restaurant is the place itself. Located on the upstairs of the old Östermalm market hall, the restaurant gives the feeling that the place always look like this since the opening of the market hall in 1888. A large terrace also gives you view on the market itself and its lively activity.

For 95Kr in the week days and 125Kr (less than 12€) on weekend and diner time this place is definitly one of those you have to visit in Stockholm.
Warmly recommended!

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