Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brunch in Cafe Ekberg

Today we finally, after two and a half years talks, we decided to go and try Cafe Ekberg's brunch. The reason, why we haven't done it earlier, is the price: 18 euros in the weekend days. Weekdays I think it costs less than 10 euros.

Anyway, when we arrived, the place was packed and we had to wait for table few minutes. That was fine, because people were coming and going all the time. Cafe is pretty old and it has a tack as the fancy, elegant and upper class cafe in Helsinki. At least I think so. But the food for brunch. O-ou, they do have some problems.

Let's start with the breads: croissants were great. That I and demanding French man can say, but some of the bread rolls were still frozen inside, when they were hot outside. Image of the fresh bread was gone. Dramatic. There were also three, four different kind of loaf breads and some small patty. Coverings for the breads were taken out from plastics: cheese (edam, brie and blue cheese), some hams, salmon (cut in small pieces), herrings, cucumber and tomatoes. Very basic. I was a bit missing green salad. Yogurt was served. They were offering also boiled eggs, though I didn't see  any of them during that one and half hour we were sitting in the cafe. There were also some scrambled eggs (not self made, but this kind of powder made - yak), which wasn't very tasty.

Fruits. Oh fruits - there were several different kind of fruits, which you could peal yourself. That's good, so you will get your fruits as fresh as it's possible in Finland. There were also some halves of grapefruits, but no grapefruit spoons, so I managed to make a nice mess. Cafe Ekberg was serving also rice porridge, but I didn't try it myself.

Finally the end - there were cake! Cream cake with some caramel on the top. Sweet, but fine.

After all I have to say that Cafe Ekberg's brunch is over priced and cashed. You will get your stomach full, but you won't come very happy after that food. You have to feel happy after eating, don't you. If you want to enjoy a breakfast there take a cup of coffee and a croissant.  Don't pay 18 euros for things, which you could buy yourself with 6 euros from the supermarket.


Sofia said...

Or for free from MinnaHostelli!

Heidi said...

I have to say that Minna Hostelli's brunch hasn't met the winner yet. It's so good and luxury.