Saturday, March 27, 2010

Luxury brunch choice in Bangkok

A night in the one of Bangkok's five-star-hotels, Orchid Sheraton. The atmosphere is cold and unfriendly even though everyone is smiling. The energy of the place is bad. You assume that the breakfast of Orchid Sheraton Bangkok is something amazing. You are already paid yourself sick and you want some kind of substitute for your money. Ok, I can tell you that this breakfast is enormous - you wont be starving after this. 

The breakfast is mixture of Western (American) breakfast and Asian breakfast. You can have different kind of fried noodles and rice soups. There are croissants, pain au chocolates and other pastries. There are the diamonds of Thai food: fresh fruits, yogurt, breads and things you can't even imagine (and after you've eaten those things, you still don't know what you just ate). The price of breakfast, if it's not included on your room rate, is about 16 euros per person.

Few words about Orchid Sheraton. It's a huge American luxury hotel chain. At least in Sheraton Bangkok the most of the customers were american travelers. Some of them stayed in Thailand a day or maxim two (yes, a day or two). Average age is probably over 60 years and circumference of the stomach over 120 cm. The language you hear most in the hotel is american english with the strong accent. 

Croissants and pain au chocolates were dry and a bit rubber-kind. Not very astonishing. But hey, we're in Thailand, why on earth I should eat croissant for the breakfast?!

Dragon fruit, papaya, danish pastry and some rice-plum-cake. 

You fancy some noodles for your breakfast? What would you like to have? This man behind the stall will make you dream come true. In the front of your eyes he will make you your own unique noodle portion. 

Something sweet? Danish pastries, banana bread, donuts...

Omelette? Do you want it with ham and cheese? Maybe just some paprika? Or tomatoes? Well, you name it. There's a man, who will listen your desires and make it come true. 

Some spices for your croissant? Or maybe for the rice soup with pork. 

Something meaty.

Fruit table. Pineapple is the queen of the fruits. 

Dragon fruits.


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Heidi said...

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