Saturday, March 27, 2010

Food in Thailand

Japanese ramen soup with duck in the Southern Bus Station, in Bangkok. 

This post is a bit different than usually in this blog. We wont give you any review of perfect Thai restaurants or cafés. Or maybe we will, a bit. The point is that this is a short trip into this culinary art heaven of Thailand. Thailand is very interesting country for food-lovers. It's sort of melting pot for the whole Asian kitchen. You can enjoy Japanese food, chinese, korean, malaysian - you just name it - food. We focused on the Thai food, because we just love it. Let the story begin.

Very tasty Pad Thai in Southern Bus Terminal, Bangkok. 

One of the most famous and the most well known Thai dish is Pad Thai. Fried street noodles with  shrimps, egg, sprouts and peanuts. This is the dish you can easily make a first rank of the place you're eating at. There are as many versions of Pad Thai as there are food stalls. Most of the time the best Pad Thai you will get from there, where it's original from: the streets and night markets. This time we didn't have a chance to visit any night markets, but we can tell according the previous experience that those places are the place to enjoy Thai food. 

These fried noodles were made with the sea food and on the top there are peanuts. P.P. Land, Koh Phayam. 

Another version of Pad Thai with sea food. When you are on the island of Thailand, you have to eat as much fish and sea food as you can. Those little squids had the suction pads and all. 

These street noodles are made with the wide rice noodles. Again some sea food.. well, it was more than fresh! The best drink during the hot day is soda water. The bottle is cool! 

Green curry with sea food at Vijit Bungalows, Koh Phayam. 

My opinion is that the best Thai dish is green curry. This spicy dish gets your mouth cry, because of the oral pleasure and your eyes and face, because of the spices. When this dish is well made, you can really taste all the ingredients - not only the chili. 

Mussaman curry with chicken. In this curry the thing are potatoes and peanut sauce.

These food were all made on the boat in the Surin Island national park. Fish was fished from the sea earlier the same day. Can you imagine the smell of fried fish waft towards you, while you are sitting on the deck of the boat and admiring sun set. A hunger, which is slowly waking up, when you are listening the sounds from the kitchen. 

Small black tunas, fried. 

Very fresh sashimi: spanish mackerel and cut carrots. 

Breakfast in China Town: noodle soup with fish balls. 

Bangkok is the city of angels, but also the city of vivid food life. Good thing in the Thai food culture is the rather small portions. That allows one to eat as often as possible. Or that's how I see it. China Town in Bangkok is an adventure. You can easily spend the whole day there just walking, getting lost and hunting for next meal. Often there isn't the common language (except body language) though it's doesn't matter, if only you are ready to try and taste. Prices are affordable so you wont make bankruptcy, if you need to try several dish before you find the one you wanted to have. 

The cheapest lunch during the trip: lunch in China Town, 25 Bahts. This plate includes rice, shrimps, two different kind of vegetables. I wasn't that sure, what I ate, but it was very tasty and cheap. 

Chillies in the fish sauce. To spicy up your food.

Spicy Tom Yam soup makes you warm. If the weather seems to be too hot, it gives you a feeling that it's not so hot anymore, when you are sweating your heat away. 

Food is the best reason to travel. If you are not ready to stay in the cheapest hostels, you might at least be willing to experience some tasty food. These two pictures are taken in the food stalls, which are in the front of the five star hotel Orchid Sheraton Bangkok. You are not looking for western food in Asia, are you, so get your butt outside of the fancy hotel. Usually there are always food stalls (small stalls with tires) near by every hotel. Be brave and sit down on the plastic chair. Order a bottle of Chang and check the menu. Your journey to the happiness has started!

Fried rice with sea food. 

Japanese ice cream portion with red beans, corn flakes and some other stuff. Japanese food in Thailand is the trendiest thing. This portions was eaten in one of the huge shopping centres in Bangkok. 

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