Saturday, March 27, 2010

Moko market breakfast

Another brunch in Helsinki. A furniture store can also hide a much better brunch place than a well known poshy café. After last week disappointment, this appears to be a nice Saturday morning brunch place. 10,90€ with normal Finnish coffee or Tea, or 12,90€ with a fancier espresso/Cappuccino/Latte, Moko's brunch buffet is an affordable place in the South of Helsinki city centre. The café itself is cosy, surrounded by the retro furnitures of the store, you can choose to seat on table or then for the early birds sofas and armchairs are also available.

Let's talk about the food! 
A buffet table proposing the basics and a bit more that what you can expect from a finnish brunch. The different kind of breads, white, dark, focaccia were very good, and often still warm and crusty. Only the focaccia was maybe a bit too salty...

Anyway from what looked first a very simple choice of ingredients came out a very nice breakfast: with the regular tomatoes and cucumber slices Moko is proposing spanish goat and 3 milks cheeses. Very tasty and much more original than the regular finnish cheese.
Fruits assortment wasn't large (watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas) but fruits were tasty. 
If you wish something sweet after your bread, you can opt for fresh yogurt with blueberries and strawberries, and of course muesli. Want more sweets? Then you will be delighted by Moko cheese cake and apple-pulla cake.

As we said nothing very exceptional, not millions of things to choose between but quality products!

Cappuccino is particularly good there, as the Latte and espresso. One of the only bad point might be that the juice is straight from the bottle, not freshly home made. So our verdict is pretty optimistic, you will get a simple but quality breakfast for a decent price, more than enough to not feel depressed on a rainy weekend.

Fresh bread.

Cheeses were organic, BUT not from Finland. Cheese was imported from Spain. Good cheese, but a big minus for imported cheese. Would be better to offer some Finnish organic cheese. 

Finnish berries on the top of the yogurt. 

In the end: cheesecake! 

Moko market  is here: 
Perämiehenkatu 10, Helsinki, Finland. 


Minna said...

Hiano arvio! Pus!


Sofia said...

Ja viälä että meillon niin hyvä ruakakerho!