Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gran Delicato Cafe

Here we are! Gran Delicato. We went couple of times in Café Delicato in the past, the italian team make some of the best espresso and cappucino in Helsinki. But since they temporary closed the place and made it bigger, explaning the "Gran" Delicato, we never took time to check it again.

The place has double size than earlier but managed to keep its very friendly and southern Europe atmosphere (but we are still in Finland, don't expect to find the same kind of café than in the middle of Emilia-Romagna). The staff is still the same very friendly, smily and joking. One appreciable thing for a café in Finland: you pay when you leave not when you make your order!

About the food. We just went there for a quick lunch on a working day, so nothing too fancy. The place offer very nice and affordable salads, and different kind of chiapatas. We went for chiapatas, and for 6,40€ you get a basic (artichoke, cheese tomatoes or chorizo, chèvre, tomatoes) but much more tasty sandwich, with an excellent bread, than other snack places around. Their speciality is the way they rap your sandwiches - you won't get a tomato on your trousers while you are trying to eat to bread. 

Of course if you are a Shrek type you'll always prefer the big sandwiches chain...but isn't it better to eat well than too much? Delicato is definitely a great place to enjoy a espresso or a cappucino and meet your friends. We love it! 

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