Monday, April 12, 2010

Serendipity - art cafe & pub

Karjaa's hidden treasure is a small cafe called Serendipity. I've been told by local people that this place has been there forever. The building is an old wooden house in the town and "some unspecified time ago" it has been modified as an cosy cafe and pub. 

You can have there small homemade hamburgers, which gets their taste from the furnace. There are also few different kind of toasts, salads and sweet desserts. Their menu is not long, but it doesn't matter. If you do things well, that's enough. And they do. For example French toasts are sweet and tasty. Made like your mother would have made them. At Serendipity they don't hesitate to use real butter. 

If you happen to visit Karjaa (nowadays Raasepori), pay visit also this place for a cup of tea, a homemade hamburger or a pint of beer. Check also the art exhibitions by local artists.  

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Minna said...

Jippiii! The smallest, the best, better than the rest!