Sunday, April 11, 2010


Sushibar on Uudenmaankatu 15, Helsinki, Finland.

Miso soup and kim chi salad. 

Lunch set of 10. 

Sushi - maybe the best thing, what comes from Japan. It seems that eating sushi has been the thing to do at your lunch time (and when ever) in Helsinki already for some years. There's a pretty new sushi place called Sushibar on Uudenmaankatu, very centre of Helsinki. The district (Punavuori) is famous for it's luxury design shops, small food places, bars and nice, old architecture. 

Sushibar's interior decorating is modern, "cool" in the Nordic way. If I've understood right, it has been created with some young Finnish designers. I have to say that it's fresh and not too cold, as these kind of places too often happen to be. At least at the lunch time the stuff working in the restaurant is very warm and friendly. They wish you welcome already, when you are opening the door and their smile seems to be authentic. 

At the lunch time you can choose between two nigiri & maki sets. Small one is with 10 different nigiri and maki and it costs you 10,90 euros. Big one contains 15 nigiris and makis and it costs about 13 euros. You can also get some miso soup (3,50) or very tasty Korean salad Kim Chi (4,50). Sushibar is also offering white and red wine with your lunch. With 3,50 you will get a glass  of wine, which makes your workday even more hilarious. 

Miso soup is very average. It's rather small, but the cups where it's served are nice. On the contrary kim chi salad is superb. Very tasty and it brings smile on your face. It's a dish, which will make you to come back to this restaurant for sure. Sushi sets are basic and fine. The rice is not as good as you could get, but the lunch is generally good. A bit pricy, but it makes you happy. The nice thing is also that this might be the only sushi restaurant, which keeps the doors open also in the weekends and it won't close at six o'clock in the evening. 

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