Sunday, March 06, 2011

Moko Market (UPDATE)

I was hoping I would never have had a reason to write this message, but never say never, as they say.

Almost a year ago we were charmed by Moko Market Brunch. The bread was fresh and good. The organic cheese, imported from Spain though, was tasting amazing. Especially the goat cheese, the selection of vegetables and fruits was large. The juices offered were also pretty decent.

So when a friend of us invited us to repeat the experience, we said yes! But should have remembered that it is always a bad idea to try to repeat a good moment from the past.

Moko Market brunch is no more the enjoyable moment we talked about in the past. Only the bread could still be compared.

Nowadays, when you have the "privilege" to pay your 16€ (prices raised btw which could have lead us to think quality was getting higher) you have the amazing chance to eat very basic non organic cheese. Which makes me thinking about a sliced version of terrible "Vache qui rit", plus a very basic assortment of vege (only the salad leaves were good).

The cherry on the top is the new apple juice (yes, oranges disappeared from the table, and thus even before the revolution in Tunisia and Egypt)! Nowadays your apple juice tastes very basic and comes straight from a 10 liter carton box. The box itself isn't the major problem, even some descent wine can be bought in carton boxes, but when you want to serve an expansive brunch, at least respect people and serve them in descent dishes. It would not cost much to Moko Market to serve their juice in pitcher rather than from the boxes!

One positive point anyway. The desserts are still pretty good. The blueberry pie was melting in my mouth and the pulla-cake was also delicious to even if the Finns around the table found it too raw for their taste.

So the verdict is clear: Moko Market is soon to reach the quality/price range of the poorest! Overpriced and proposing only a limited choice of very basic and low market product.

Honestly for 16€ per person I could have orgnize a feast at home myself.
Moko Market Cafe

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