Saturday, June 15, 2013

Taste of Helsinki 2013

Taste of Helsinki calls itself as a boutique pique nique. The idea is simple: 12 restaurants (including three Michelin star restaurants from Helsinki) are making their signature dishes and you can choose your own menu from all of the restaurants.

We visited the event also last year, when it was held for the first time. I have to say that this year the event was fine, but some how last year was better. Maybe it`s due to the weather, which was last year sunny and hot, this time cold and rainy. Piquenique in the rain is not anything you are fancying for.

Food was fine, but nothing mind blowing this time expect Juuri's Wild Boar and Salt-Caramel Cake were our teams favourites. Unfortunately no pictures - fingers were frozen at that time.  For the next year, let's hope better weather (or bigger and warmer tents + blankets).

Taste of Helsinki is open until Sunday afternoon! 

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