Monday, May 06, 2013

Loch Fyne, Cambridge

Loch Fyne is a small chain of fish restaurant in the UK which has had many good reviews by its visitors. Their Cambridge restaurant is located just opposite to the FitzWilliam Museum, making it a very good lunch option, if you were planning to visit the museum that day.

From inside the restaurant look like a typical fish restaurant, frame of fishes or boats are present here and there on the white walls. Nothing really original but the place looks good as it is.

As we are in the UK, moreover in Cambridge where part of the National and international future elite is studying, the service is professional and friendly. Also probably because they may get part of their wage from the tips.

Anyway the restaurant has a large selection of fishes along with the special of the day.
The way it works is usually that you order your fish choose a dip and a side dish (french fries, green beans, salad...)

We first ordered as a starter a dozen of oysters, to be shared by 4, some being natural some being braised with chili.

Then came the main course.

Most of us opted for the halibut in traditional way and one tried the sea bass cooked in Thai way. Both dishes were very well executed, the fishes were tasty and the presentation in the plate was simple but just as it should be, no try to be exuberant here. Loch Fyne does fish dishes (but also serves meat) and does it well focusing on this aspect of their work, what they do the best.

The dessert list is deserves to be checked, but if you see something you really want at when checking the menu when you arrive, ask to have it put aside for you, some of the most popular items go fast!

To conclude: a bit pricy place but you will have exactly what you came for here: a good fish dish!

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