Sunday, May 05, 2013

Peacock Tearoom, Ely

If you are visiting the English countryside North of London, studying at or Visiting Cambridge or if you are a Pink Floyd fan, then you should make a day trip to Ely.

Ely is world famous for its cathedral, and should also be for its Peacock Tearoom.

Located along the river this small tea house, looking like a doll house from the inside, is a perfect place to experience the typical (or cliché?) English afternoon tea.

It is tiny but its lovely staff will do everything to make you feel welcome. It is family run and almost and as much as possible is done by them.

And what about the afternoon tea experience?
look at the pictures: 4 trays filled up with scones, sandwiches and cakes.
The scones are home baked and gluten free! And they do taste awesome with the cream and the homemade jam.

The sandwiches are quite tasty as well, and if you happen to be vegetarian, just ask your waitress they will sort things out for you.

And last but not least, the cakes. Well most of use went for the lemon cake but our chocolate lover had to go for the courgette and chocolate cake, a very nice variation of the carrot cake (it's quite similar).

The only downside of this afternoon tea experience would be that it is so much sweets at once!

Maybe not the best to have as your late lunch, but definitely a must try.


Pyjama said...

How about the tea? Did you enjoy?

Joffrey said...

English Breakfast tea. A sure bet.

Mlle Unikko said...

Extra info: Teas were their own blends. There were tens or maybe hundreds of different options, but this was probably the most popular one.